Sunday, September 2, 2012

9 02 2012 here we go

Quick update on upcoming wallpapers!

So its been a wild couple months for me and now the football season is underway!
This will be my super busy time, with new Husker Gameday wallpapers to come out the week of the games, lots of new NFL designs and of course I will soon get back to NASCAR wallpapers as well.
I have in the works a REALLY sweet Detroit Lions wallpaper that's done some in 3D and others in Photoshop, that one will be a top desktop background for sure!

And of course there will be more works to help promote Childhood Cancer Awareness as September is now 100% officially Childhood Cancer Awareness month thanks to our President, Barack Obama!

And all this while watching as much NCAA and NFL football as I can possibly can, LOVE my football, lol!!!

So, I do hope you all are enjoying the new site design and hope it is much easier for you to navigate and download all my wonderful wallpapers! If you ever encounter any issues, please let me know so I can fix it!
Thanks for the read, stay WICKED!!!!