Monday, August 8, 2011

Video as wallpapers

For Windows users -
theres no need for me to write up a how to since there's already a perfect one here -
Follow those instructions and you'll have video as a wallpaper on ANY Windows machine!!!
And I have a great tip with VLC. If you want to use more then one video, but each one you use is real short, then open up the playlist and add your videos. Then, ctrl+left click on your vid and copy it as many times as you like (say your vid is 10 seconds long, copy it 6 times and it will run for a minute).

OR - Use Dreamscene!
Dreamscene is built into Windows Vista Ultimate only, BUT there are ways to run it on other platforms

For Windows 7 go here -
It works perfectly, I myself use this method and its great to be able to pause the video whenever.

For Windows XP Go here -
I have yet to try this, but I will tonight. It is from a VERY trusted source, the creators of Dreamscene, so your system is safe.

Android Users -
Your phone MUST support live wallpapers!!!
Download "Video Live Wallpaper" from the market (it's free)
Then check out the help file to learn about which video formats are supported -

I am working on making video wallpapers for both of these formats, This one is off my computer with VLC -

And this one is on my Android (Samsung Intercept) using VLW -

Some of the videos I make will be free, some will be paid.
Stay tuned for a new video wallpapers section!!!