Friday, August 12, 2011

Bunch of new wallpapers added.

Just letting you know of the nice sized site update.
I have added new wallpapers to three of the pages.

Android and Mobile Walls - four new Husker wallpapers, and a whole new section dedicated to a full set of wallpapers I am working on. The Blackened set will have teams from all different sports, but the style of each wallpaper will be the same, dark and awesome!
These wallpapers are designed for Android phones ONLY because I set the layout to allow room for a row of widgets on the home screen. your beautiful widgets super clock will fit perfectly in that space! Also, I used a lot of low contrast "ghost images" on the wallpapers so that it wont be so "busy" looking, even though it is.

Husker Wallpapers - two new Nebraska Wallpapers added, including a sweet new Big Red Camero WITH Bumblebee!!!

Sports N Car Wallpapers - Re-ordered the page into sub-categories.

NFL wallpapers - added green bay, Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles wallpapers.

Racing wallpapers - added a Dale Earnhardt wallpaper and a Dale Earnhardt Jr wallpaper.

More works coming soon AND video wallpapers will be coming as well, as soon as I get a graphics card, lol.